My History



Pincalonga basset hound

My life with Bassets began in 1996 when my first male of bassethound joined the family.

Thanks to his stubborn, cheerful and affectionate character I was able to understand the nature of this unique breed.

I immeadetely fell in love with everything they represent and therefore decided to contact an Italian breeder looking for a female with good qualities and pedigree.

She became the foundation bitch of this small amateur kennel of mine: her name was Rucola.

Rucola was the first Basset with which I approached the dog shows and when she reached the age of 2, after having carefully chosen a suitable partner for her,

she had her first litter with great satisfaction and lots of sacrifices too.

I decided to keep any bitches from Rucola's litter, a dream for me was coming true.

I often happen to spend my weekends at dogshows, where, each time, I do my best to improve my knowledge of everything and anything that concernes dogs.

In our family also includes Mirtillo, a male Sealyham Terrier, Blubi, a Kerry Blue Terrier and Yaya, our watch dog, a giant Schnauzer.


You can find me at:

Deotti Susanna / Morsano al Tagliamento ( ITALY )



Mob.0039/ 338 2729183